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In California, justice for the people isn't just a slogan -- it's a reality we strive to achieve every day. That's why in the Assembly, I’ve taken on big oil, the NRA, the pharmaceutical industry and a broken criminal justice system -- and won. In Sacramento, we’ve fought climate change, protected our environment and promoted renewable energy. I’ve also helped lead efforts to expand access to affordable healthcare for countless people across the state, pass critical criminal justice reform that combats the school to prison pipeline, strengthen gun safety laws, enhance safeguards for immigrants, enact equality and anti-discrimination laws for all people, make massive investments in public schools and much more.  


While we've made monumental gains in the state, still, many challenges still persist, and our work must continue. I am running for re-election in 2020 to keep fighting my heart out for the people of the 57th District to build a more inclusive, just and equitable society for all Californians.

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